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This section provides information on upcoming events, Implementation Planning Sessions (IPS), and Webinars. You may also view the "Dates, Deadlines, & Events" calendar to see a schedule of upcoming rebanding activities.

Planning Sessions (IPS)
As part of implementation preparation, the TA conducts Implementation Planning Sessions (IPS) for reconfiguring licensees. The purpose of an IPS is to develop a comprehensive reconfiguration implementation schedule for licensees in a given region, and to identify key issues, risks, dependencies, and next steps.

A list of IPS conducted by the TA to date is available here.

View the TAs Dates, Deadlines, and Events Calendar below to see where and when upcoming IPS Sessions are being scheduled.

Dates, Deadlines, & Events

Benefits of attending an IPS include:

  • Building a common understanding among
        all stakeholders of interdependencies
        and scheduling needs
  • Assisting licensees in understanding the
        specific steps and factors to consider
        during implementation
  • Enabling parties to reach agreement on
        the timing of clearing and surrendering
  • Developing a common understanding of
        the dependencies and constraints among
        all parties

  • When your region is ready for an IPS, you
    will be contacted by the TA. IPS attendees include licensees (grouped by region, key dependencies, and interoperability issues), Sprint Nextel, vendors, consultants, and the TA. As described in the FCC's Public Notice (FCC 07-168), licensees that have not completed rebanding are required to
    participate in an IPS in their region, regardless of whether they have executed
    an FRA with Sprint Nextel.

    Visit the Resources by
    Category: Processes
    section of the TA website to see a list of all available Reconfiguration Implementation / Physical Retune Process resources, including:

    Channel Clearing Request
    Fact Sheet and Form with Attachment A

    Coverage Testing
    Fact Sheet

    Implementation Planning Session (IPS) Preparation Worksheet
    PDF or Word

    Interoperability Fact Sheet

    Point of Contact (POC) Form
    PDF or Word

    Preparing for Implementation Fact Sheet

    Progress Reporting Fact Sheet

    Reconfiguration Completion Checklist

    Special Temporary Authorization (STA) Fact Sheet

    Subscriber Equipment Deployment (SED)
    Request Form and Instructions

    You may also visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to view answers to FAQs regarding reconfiguration.

    Presentations and Recordings from Webinars, Meetings, and

    Click on the links below to view presentations or recordings for each topic:

    Meetings with Mexican Border Licensees

  • Meeting in NPSPAC Region 3: Arizona

  •     TA Presentation delivered May 16, 2013

  • Meeting in NPSPAC Region 5: Southern

  •     TA Presentation delivered May 9, 2013

  • Meeting in NPSPAC Region 53: Texas-
        San Antonio

  •     TA Presentation delivered June 27, 2013     PDF


  • Webinar for NPSPAC Region 5: Southern

  •     TA Presentation delivered June 10, 2013     WMV   PDF

  • Webinar for NPSPAC Regions 3: Arizona,
        29: New Mexico, 50: Texas-El Paso, and
        53: Texas-San Antonio

  •     TA Presentation delivered June 11, 2013     WMV   PDF

  • Actual Cost Reconciliation

  •     Provides guidance on the ACR and TA
        Review Rights Process.

        WMV   PDF

  • Reconfiguration Completion

  •     Steps and activities necessary to
        determine when reconfiguration is
        really "done"

        WMV   PDF

  • Preparing For An IPS

  •     Outlines the steps and activities
        necessary to prepare for an IPS

        WMV   PDF

    * All webinars previously recorded


  • APCO Conference Recording

  •     ACR Session Recording from the 2011
        APCO Conference

        WMV    PDF

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